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General FAQ

What do you accept for payment?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Sorry No Checks.

May I use my Prong collar at drop off?

You may use any collar or leash combo that keeps your dog under control; however a nylon/snap collar is the most efficient for our staff.

What happens if I can’t make it to pick up my dog before you close?

Your dog will have to be boarded overnight in the Kennel for an additional boarding fee. You can pick your dog up the next day during hours of operation.

Daycare FAQ

Do I need to call ahead before dropping my dog off for daycare?

No. A reservation is only required for their first Evaluation Day

May I bring a meal or treats for my daycare dog?

Yes. We’re happy to feed any treats or meals that you’d like to send along!

How long is my dog actually playing during a day of daycare?

We strive to give the dogs a healthy balance of diversified play and rest time throughout their day!

How big are the resting pens that my dog relaxes in during the day?

All dogs, regardless of size, are provided with ample room to stretch out and get ‘comfy & cozy’

Does my dog swim?

When you drop your dog off in the morning, please let our front desk staff know that you’d like us to monitor them during pool time. We’ll have our daycare attendants make a note as to whether your pup went swimming or not. Our front desk will then relay that information back to you at pick up time. You may also want to watch our daily video that play in the lobby as you may be able to see them splashing!

May I see my dog play in group?

You are welcome to walk down our daycare viewing hall to look in our gyms and pool area at any time. If you don’t see your pup at play, they may be in one of our outside yards (unfortunately we don’t have viewing for the yards), or in a rest-time. If you call ahead, we’ll do our best to give you an idea as to when they’ll be in their next play group for observation. You may also watch them on our daily video playing in the lobby.

Boarding FAQ

What should I bring when dropping my dog off to board?

We Supply Bedding & Bowls, those do not need to be brought. To make your dog comfortable, you can bring a tee-shirt or something small that smells like home; a toy or two. We do offer food; but we suggest you bring your own so that your dog’s routine is not thrown off. (placing it in zip-lock, pre-portion sized bags is very helpful) Also, please make sure to fill out our Required Boarding Form, which can be found when selecting a location on the main toolbar.

Please Also Bring:

What do I not need to bring?

Too many toys

Bedding (if you do, please make sure we can easily wash it in the event it gets soiled)

What can I expect when picking up my pet?

Your dog will normally be very excited to see you – be prepared!

  • Don’t forget to bring your pet's leash with you

  • Bathed and groomed pets will be freshly cleaned with trimmed nails and clean ears!

  • Please refrain from feeding or giving your pet too much water until they’ve had an opportunity to settle down after departure.

What if my pet needs medication?

The Barking Dog is happy to administer any medications or supplements your pet may require. Please bring all medicines with original prescription label. Our fee is $1 per/medication, per day.

What are your options for long-term boarding?

Should your plans call for long-term boarding, in excess of thirty days, please contact us for special rates.