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The Hooksett NH dog training staff at The Barking Dog, Ltd. is highly qualified to assess your dog and work with you, or for you, to achieve the level of behavior you seek. Training effectively opens lines of communication between you and your dog. A pet which responds to your instruction and commands offers a much more rewarding relationship


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Val Jesson, Hooksett Trainer
Val Jesson has been a trainer with The Barking Dog Ltd., for over fifteen years. Previously, she worked as an assistant trainer for rescue dogs for five years. Val completed her instructor training at TGDHS, is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and continues to educate herself with training seminars. She is also a member of the Association of Pet Dogs Trainer.

Hooksettt BIO Trainer Val
Services: Classes and Private Lessons
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Individual Lessons: $65 per hour
Work one on one with an experienced trainer during a one hour private lesson. Each session is based around your specific needs. Whether it be obedience, behavior modification, aggression work, and all other concerns. Training is geared towards real life situations.

Puppy Class: 1 hour per Week/ 5 Weeks $90
Curriculum: Dog-dog & People- Dog play, socialization, problem prevention, an introduction to Sit, Down, Stay, and Leash Control. Owners become good dog trainers.
Focus:  Handling, touching,  greeting,  impulse control,  bite inhibition,  manners.
Method:  positive reinforcement with treats, verbal commands and hand signals.

Basic Obedience:1 hour per Week/6 Weeks $150
Curriculum:  leash control,  controlled socialization,  basic commands eye contact.
Focus:  heeling (no pulling), sit,  stay, down,  recall (come), sit-stays,  down-stays, impulse control
Method:  Hand-signal and verbal commands,  positive- reinforcement through lots of praise.

Intermediate/Advance Obedience: 45 min per Week/ 8 Weeks $150
Curriculum: leash control, heeling drills,  working distance,  hand-signals..
Focus:  basic verbal commands and hand signals, finishes, and high distractions. This will prepare for Canine Good Citizen.
Method:  Hand-signal and verbal commands,  positive- reinforcement through lots of praise.

Fun With Agility: 1 hour per Week/ 6 Weeks $125
The Barking Dog is a non-competitive gym. Your Dog will learn top notch agility skills. We welcome dogs who need confidence and self-esteem! We’ll work with a variety of other issues your dog may have. Also, twice a year we hold agility Fun Matches to show your family and friends all of the things both you and your dog have learned!

Agility Beginner: 1 hour per Week/ 6 Weeks $125
Curriculum:   Introduction to equipment, agility vocabulary,  and handling skills.
Focus:  learning equipment, following hand signals and learning vocabulary.
Method:  baiting, verbal commands , hand signals and   all dogs start on leash.

Agility Intermediate/ Focus: 1 hour per Week/ 6 weeks $125
Curriculum: Working dog off leash and sending dog out; includes handling skills. Builds upon the Beginner Class.
Focus: Mastering equipment, obeying commands.
Method:  baiting, verbal commands , hand signals and   all dogs start on leash.

Agility Advance: 1 hour per Week/ 6 Weeks $125
This class will fine tune all skills learned in the intermediate class while adding speed and accuracy.


Jocelyn Guillemette, Hooksett Trainer
jocelyn with dog group
Bio Coming Soon!
Services: Board & Train, Daycare & Train, Private Lessons

The Barking Basics Package

This program offers intensive personalized training, where the trainer will lay down the foundation of obedience. Your dog will receive a jump-start to better manners in the home or out in public. This program is offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for 3 consecutive weeks. Included are 2 private lessons with the owner that can be scheduled M-F.
$400 includes the 9 days of training and 2 private lessons
*Owner will be responsible for the purchase of required daycare package*

Daycare Play & Train/Day-Board & Train

Play & Train is an add-on to your dog’s normal daycare day. Your dog will have a one-on-one session with a trainer to “bone up” on his/her manners and then go back out to play with their puppy pals or back to their boarding accommodations. From leash walking and confidence building, to polite greetings, or just a new trick to impress your friends and family, it will be a doggone good time! Sessions available M-F.
$30 for 30-minute session in addition to your dog’s daycare or day boarding

Private Lesson

Add skills to your training toolbox by working one-on-one with a trainer. Fine tune your technique for more successful training at home! This is ideal for dogs that participate in Play & Train services. Lessons are scheduled directly through our trainer and duration will depend on behavior. Sessions available M-F.
$20 for a 15-minute lesson
$35 for a 30-minute private lesson
$65 for an hour private lesson

Etiquette Enrichment Training

This exercise option for overnight boarding will give your pup a chance to earn some extra cookies and praise by showing off their obedience skills or fun tricks they know! Your dog will be taken out of their accommodations and worked both on and off-leash in a variety of locations throughout the building. It will give them a chance brush up on skills they know, build their confidence in a novel environment and keep them mentally stimulated during their time with us! This service is offered M-F.
$20 per session (approximately 15 minutes)

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