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Dog Boarding

$28 Per Day
$26 Multiple Pet Per Day
*Check-out is at 12:30pm.
**We gladly accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover

The Barking Dog is proud to offer the very finest in boarding accommodations for your dog. We have individual, spacious, indoor-outdoor runs which are completely climate controlled to maximize the comfort of your pup during their stay with us. It is our policy to allow your dog free access to the “in” and “out” portions of their run unless inclement weather or extreme temperatures dictate otherwise. During cold weather, our runs are warmed by radiant floor heat. This method of heating is a comfortable and consistent form which is especially soothing to young puppies and older dogs with stiff joints. Our outdoor floors are also heated for the purpose of eliminating ice and snow build-up which is essential for good sanitation. During the summer season, indoor runs are air conditioned to ensure your pet’s comfort. All runs are cleaned on an ongoing basis, and disinfected daily. For the pampered pooch, we offer cozy inside pens which can be complimented with plenty of trips outside to potty.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy:

a $50 deposit will be required for all weekend reservations, as well as reservations of two or more days during peak times. All deposits will then be applied towards boarding fees. Refunds will be given if a 48-hour notice of cancellation is given.

Peak Dates- Additional $5 per pet, per day for the following dates (Effective to all reservations booked after 2/26/2020)

2020 Peak Pricing Dates
April 11-12 (Easter)
April 24-May 3 (Spring NH Break)
May 22-25 (Memorial Day)
July 3-5 (Independence Day)
September 4-7 (Labor Day)
November 25-29 ( Thanksgiving Break)
December 24-Jan 3 (Winter Break)

For off-peak reservations for which a deposit wasn’t taken, a 48-hour cancellation notice is required. Failure to provide notice will result in a $25 charge.

The management at The Barking Dog, Ltd. Is committed to providing animals with a healthy, happy boarding experience. We feel that a good diet is essential if dogs are to adapt well to their new environment. We offer a Purina Pro Plan EN dry food to suit most any dog. If your pet eats canned food, has a special diet or is particularly finicky, you are welcome to bring food from home. We ask that you provide only what is needed for their stay, in daily portioned zip baggies with your pet’s name on them. The staff will feed your pet according to your instructions. Please no raw diets. Treats from home are always welcome and fresh water is available to pets at all times.

All dogs must be up to date on the following inoculations prior to boarding:

  • Distemper-Hepatitis-Parvo (typically combined)
  • Canine Cough (Bordetella)
  • Rabies
  • We require that puppies have their first rabies shot within 30 days of turning 3 months(per NH Law).

boarding dogPlease note that any canine cough vaccines must be given at least three days prior to boarding. Vaccination records are required at check-in if they weren’t previously faxed from vet’s office. We are willing to administer supplied medications at an additional charge, of $1 a day(each), provided we have all necessary information regarding the medication and condition being treated. Please note that we cannot board pets that require insulin shots or any other “injectable.” If your pet does have a serious health condition, please contact a manager to discuss your needs prior to boarding to make certain we will be able to accommodate you.
We do not accept females that are in season.

Bedding and Toys
We provide our boarders with sheepskin-like mats for bedding. Toys if brought, should be limited to two per condo and should be clearly labeled with your pet’s name. Please note that we are not responsible for the loss or destruction of any personal items.

Exercise Options
Playtime $6 – Playtimes are a great way to ensure that your pet is enjoying his or her stay away from home. Sessions of 15 minutes, “one-on-one” with a staff member are offered with varying frequencies. This special time is particularly beneficial to new, introverted or pampered pets.

Daycare $18 – For the high energy, social pets, we have incorporated daycare options into our boarding packages. Your pet will spend their daytime hours romping and socializing in group play with other dogs. If interested in daycare, and you are new to the program, we suggest that you bring your pet to daycare a few times prior to boarding to familiarize them with our facility and some of the other dogs in the program. This fun option includes indoor swimming! All daycare dogs must be spayed or neutered (unless under the age of 6 months)

Swimming $10 – Individual 15 min one-on-one swim times may be purchased for your dog while boarding!

Bath Package and Grooming:
For dogs staying three days or more, a bath & ear package will be provided for free. This includes a full bath using the Hydrosurge bathing system & ear cleaning. For dogs staying one or two days, you may request the bath package for an additional amount.

Board bath for dogs staying less than 3 days $20-$35
Nail Clip -$10
Nail Grind – $20
20% off full groom with a 3-day minimum stay.

Boarding School
If you would like one of our expert trainers to work with your dog while they’re boarding with us, we would be more than happy to help!

Dropping Off: What Should I bring?

  • Updated Vaccine Records
  • Required Boarding Form – can be found in the “Forms” drop down up on the main toolbar.
  • A toy, and or something small that smells like home.

What do I not need to bring?

  • Too many toys
  • Bedding (if you do, please make sure we can easily wash it in the event it gets soiled)

What to expect

  • Your dog will normally be very excited to see you – be prepared!
  • Don’t forget to bring your dog’s leash with you
  • Bathed and groomed pets will be freshly cleaned with trimmed nails and clean ears!
  • However, its best to serve no food and very little water for an hour after coming home
The Barking Dog Ltd. is happy to administer any medications or supplements your pet may require. Please bring all medicines with original prescription label. Our fee is $1 per/medication, per day.

Long-Term Boarding
Should your plans call for long-term boarding, in excess of thirty days, please contact us for special rates.

Cat and Exotic Boarding

Cats: $15 ($10 for each additional sharing cage)
Exotics: $10

Separate cat quarters are provided for our feline visitors. We offer individual kitty-condos, most with window views, in a temperature controlled area far from the noise and intimidation of our canine guests. We provide cats with a high quality, low ash/magnesium dry food.

If your cat requires canned food, is finicky, or requires a special diet, you are welcome to furnish it, as well as any treats you’d like your pet to have while you’re away. Fresh water is available at all times. All kitty-condos are sanitized between visitors and cleaned daily. To ensure the health of all cats, proof of current shots is necessary at check-in. Feline distemper and rabies are mandatory and a feline leukemia vaccine is highly recommended.

Any medications will gladly be administered according to instructions at an additional charge of a $1 a day. Please note that we cannot board pets that require insulin shots or any other “injectable.” If your pet does have a serious health condition, please contact a manager to discuss your needs prior to boarding to make certain we will be able to accommodate you.


The Barking Dog, Ltd. Offers special accommodations for the boarding of birds, small animals and exotics. We would be happy to discuss your pet’s unique needs with you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!