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The dog training staff at Exeter, Barking Dog, Ltd. is highly qualified to assess your dog and work with you, to achieve the level of behavior you seek. Training effectively opens lines of communication between you and your dog. A pet which responds to your instruction and commands offers a much more rewarding relationship


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Our trainer, Sonia Mullen Hartl, is a Behavior Consultant with over thirteen years of experience working with dogs and their families. Sonia offers group classes, behavior consultations and private lessons. She has worked with family pets, service companions, rescued animals and dogs from animal control. Sonia is referred by various veterinarians, animal control officers and other professionals in her field.

Sonia’s education began with a four year degree from Bucknell University in Animal Behavior. She continues her education through attending both local and national seminars and workshops. She follows the teachings of Patricia McConnel, Ian Dunbar, Suzanne Clothier and Susan Friedman. Sonia most recently attended the the National APDT Conference where she focused on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Sonia believes in teaching our dogs not only to listen to our guidance, but also to make correct decisions on their own. She strives to help guide, teach and encourage families to achieve their goals through using the GROW model. A personal goal of Sonia’s is to help each dog become behaviorally healthy.

Sonia Mullen HartServices: Private lessons & Group Classes

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Private Training Lessons/Behavior Consultations

Work one on one with an experienced trainer during a one hour private lesson. Each session is based around your specific needs.
$65 for a half hour and $95 for an hour.

Group Classes

Polite Puppies
is a wonderful class with the option of both a 4 week and 6 week commitment. During the first four weeks we will address typical puppy behavior, self-control and attention. All questions regarding housebreaking, crate training and problem behaviors will be answered. Your puppy will learn how to walk on a loose leash, sit, lay down and be introduced to both come and stay. The extended 6 week program will get your puppy ready for Basic Manners. This includes how to greet other people calmly, come when called and stay in place attentively.
4 week ($100) and 6 week ($150)

Available to puppies 12 weeks to 6 months – If your puppy is a large breed, and close to 6 months, please consider joining our Basic Manners class.


Basic Manners 
is a fantastic foundation class. This class teaches your dog basic obedience commands while guiding you to become a kind, clear leader. We will address your dog’s attention, self-control and body awareness. Basic commands taught include heel, sit, down, stay, wait and come. We will introduce distractions as well as increasing distance, duration and difficulty. This class is tailored to each new group of classmates.
4 week ($100) and 6 week ($150)

Available to dogs 6 months and older

Intermediate Life Skills
A great class for people who want to work towards off leash control both in the home and outdoors. This class focuses on working through obedience commands with a dropped leash with increasing distractions, duration and difficulty. Intermediate Life Skills includes a long distance down, staying on a bed/place, loose leash walking and coming when called with distractions. PreReq = A strong foundation of basic commands. Your dog responds on a single cue to sit, lay down and stay in one place. Contact Sonia for Intermediate Life Skills!
4 week ($150) Only 4-5 dog and handler pairs

** Admittance must be approved by Sonia

Cranky Canines
Is a specialized class for dogs who are fearful, defensive, or offensive towards other dogs on leash. They are often reactive, including barking and lunging at the end of their leash towards other dogs. The class addresses attention, body awareness and self control as well as basic obedience. We will talk about reactivity and how both the hind brain and fore brain play a role in your dog’s behavior. This class is limited to 4-5 dogs and requires at least one private session before joining the class.
4 week ($150)

** Admittance must be approved by Sonia