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What our customers are saying…


“We are very picky about where we kennel our animals, and I can say that the staff are great and the animals are well cared for.” Beth S

“Thanks again for taking such great care of our dog! You allowed us to take a (rare) vacation without us having to worry!” –The Lee’s

“They made Emma feel like she was at home since they allowed us to let her have some of her favorite toys and a special little blanket that had our scent on it. All and all they made the transition quite easy.”

“I’m sure that if Honey had a voice she would have said she loved you all for taking such good care of her. She is always excited when we pulled in to drop her off. The Kennel was like a second home to her due to the love and care you gave her.” Carolyn H

“We have been bringing our dogs to be groomed every 6 weeks to Darlene who is wonderful and caring of our dogs who love her. Darlene went above and beyond, she was wonderful and we are so thankful she is there.” Joanne H

“Heather, I just needed to say that Bailey’s cut was adorable…I absolutely loved it. I got so many compliments on it today, and a few people asked me where I go..I said well…you wouldn’t want to go that far but I do because I have been going to you for 18 or 19 years now.. but it really was an excellent cut”

“I have never been so relieved knowing he is looked after during the day and that he is so well taken care of. I don’t know what we would have done had we not found The Barking Dog!” Erin Z

“Since pets can’t talk it feels great being able to tell what a terrific day he had! He was cheerful the whole car ride home and has slept since we got in the door! It makes me feel good that he’s happy when I can’t be with him! The staff was lovely and I am very impressed with your facility!”


“Exceptional. I have used The Barking Dog, Ltd. consistently for the past year and a half. At this point, I have taken advantage of most every service they offer (daycare, grooming, group obedience training, private obedience training, and overnight kennel), and I can’t say enough wonderful things about each” Sue R.

“My Carlos has been going to The Barking Dog since he was a puppy. He runs in when we pull into the parking lot. The Staff are so caring and friendly! Kristin is the best and Carlos just loves her and the rest of the staff. Thank you for your dedication and wonderful care.” Kimberly

“Kristen and her staff are fantastic. We wouldn’t bring our dogs anywhere else. Groomer Ken Palmer…the best.”-Jane A.

“Love Love Love It! My dog comes home smelling great from the pool and very rested and relaxed. Well worth the money and great staff..” Nancy D, Newmarket

“I do not believe that there is another comparable place around. They take the time to evaluate your dog and put them into playgroups that they would do best in, instead of just dumping your dog into a huge group of dogs and hoping that they all will play nice. Our dog is like our child, so I was very nervous about dropping him off the first time. I was so relieved when I called to check in on him that he was doing well. When I went to pick him up they gave me a report of his first visit, which I absolutely LOVED.”

“I enrolled my dog in her private class for three weeks. The difference is phenomenal. My neighbors have even remarked at the difference when they have seen me walking her around the neighborhood.”

“Great options for puppy daycare and boarding. Staff seemed friendly and location looked very clean and organized.” Ben W

“I can’t say enough good about the care Gladys, my cat, last summer. I highly recommend them!”

“I was able to have him checked on via e-mails through their facebook page.. and looked forward to seeing the short clip videos on youtube.. which helped with my fear of leaving my baby.. when we came back Talon had appeared to have gained weight and gotten taller.. so I know they were following our feeding instructions. I highly recommend the barking dog for daycare and boarding.”


“I just want to say that they always coming out looking so wonderful…Indeed I would never bring them anywhere other than The Barking Dog, LTD to be groomed if I want it done well.” Parmelia L

“Groomers are fantastic. Even my shy one has no problem with any of the groomers. Great treatments for when they’re blowing their coats.”

“The fact that boarding is more difficult for the owner than the dogs aside, my boys were well-cared for, safe and happy to be there. The rates are exceptionally reasonable, and with any boarding over 3 days, they’re treated to a free bath, nails and ear treatment before you pick them up.” Chris G

“We have been going to the Hooksett location for the past three years as we moved north. They are kind, loving, polite, and have done a great job with grooming and boarding for us. They give our dogs and cat medication, they remember their preferences, and our dogs are always happy to see them. They are very careful with our elderly cat. I recommended them whole-heartedly.”

“They attend daycare regularly, are groomed and we have even done classes and I have always been fully satisfied”

“The Barking Dog in Hooksett is fantastic! The people are extremely nice and very helpful; and on top of everything my dog seemed very happy and smelled great!” Nicole M

“I have been bringing both of my dogs to the Hooksett facility for over a year now and have nothing but positive experiences. They attend daycare regularly, are groomed and we have even done classes and I have always been fully satisfied. I would highly recommend (and have) for others to bring their dogs here.”

“The Barking Dog in Hooksett is a great find! Training classes are excellent. Our dogs love the doggie daycare –definitely the best around. Facility has an indoor-in ground pool for those water dogs. Our puppies never want to leave! Staff is knowledgeable and so friendly.” Leisel